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About BFY Travel Tour

How the idea of BFY TRAVEL TOUR was born

…many of you ask me how this idea started and why I love the country of Romania so much. In 2012, I visited Romania for the first time with friends. As a tourist then and a travel lover for me it was a new challenge and a new addition to my travel bucket list. I remember characteristically that from the first moment I felt so familiar in this country as if it were my place of origin.

I loved the night life, the combination of the new city with the old and especially the wonderful Therme spa.

Since then I started traveling to Bucharest quite often, getting close ties with local residents, making friends and learning about the city so much that I would urge friends to visit it. The idea of creating something of my own has always been in my mind.

Observing the data of the time where it is customary to have a bachelor party for the groom and corresponding Hens party for the bride, I decided to start my own idea. In 2017, the idea was implemented.

So I made a package based on my own experiences, which included accommodation, entertainment, sightseeing, transport, various activities, etc. Hopefully, my first trip is enough. October 2018. I have to admit that there was a little anxiety, but the result was unexpectedly perfect.

Happy faces, beautiful moments, captured in photos and all this because of me. Because of my own love for this city. Dozens of trips followed and each time they confirmed that I made the best choice.

I hope you too!

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